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KyungHyuk Lee

KyungHyuk Lee

He has been close to games since childhood, but it was not until 2015 that he started talking about games in earnest. After living as an ordinary office worker, he entered the life of a full-time game columnist, critic, and researcher through a series of opportunities. Books such as "Game, Another Window to View the World" (2016), "Mario Born in 1981" (2017), "The Theory of Game" (2018), "Wise Media Life" (2019), and "The Birth of Reality" (2022); papers such as "Is purchasing game items part of play?" (2019); "Dakyu Prime" (EBS, 2022), Gamer (KBS), "The Game Law", 2019 BC) and "Economy of Game", etc. He is the director of the game research institute 'Dragon Lab'.

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The title of Disco Elysium, a highly controversial role-playing game that came out in 2019, does not tell you much about what kind of a game it is or what it's about. In fact, it's not easy to deduce why the word "disco" is included in the title of the game when its story centers around a derelict alcoholic detective investigating a murder in the port city Revachol, a place of mixed industrial prosperity and dilapidation.

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