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Eunki Jeon

Eunki Jeon

He majored in cultural anthropology and cultural research, and is currently working as a researcher at the Cheonggyecheon Technology and Culture Research Institute and Hanyang University Global Multicultural Research Institute.

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As such, interfaces may evolve to accurately construct the ideals projected on the design, but that design can easily change based on coincidental chance. The modified interface also brings about transformation to one’s gameplay itself, and this change in gameplay can change the experience provided by the game, thus bringing about an effect that makes the game itself feel different. Therefore, the interface is not merely a simple input device nor a factor that does not bring any fundamental changes to the game, but rather is the very hardware that constitutes the game and simultaneously the “physicalized” mechanical object connected to the gamer. The interface does not evolve or progress according to the game’s design; it lies in the process of ever-changing co-evolution while interacting with the game, the gamer, and all environments tied to the self.

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