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Minha Kim

Minha Kim

Kim is known for his activities as a critical expert on current affairs in various press media. But he is also an active gamer who never let go of games. Some of his publications includes 『a cynical society』, 『Otaku Loved Lenin』, as well as a co-author of 『Now, Here, Far-Rightism』, 『right-wing discontent』, 『Twitter, that 140-character egalitarianism』. His latest publication is 『Democracy where you vote because you don't like that side』.

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We once thought that the era of Donald Trump had come to an end, but it appears it hasn't. While Trump may have lost the election, his supporters' enthusiasm remains robust. What fuels this enduring energy? Moreover, is the driving force behind Trump's rise aligned with traditional 'American' values or does it run counter to them? It's worth recalling that Trump's campaign slogan was 'Make America Great Again'. Yet, years later, when President Joe Biden won the election after a vigorous anti-Trump campaign, he declared his presidential message as 'America is back.' So, which vision truly represents 'America' – Trump's or Biden's?

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