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Dowon Seo

Dowon Seo

I study culture for the fun of life. I have curiousity in all sorts of things like games, religion, and films.

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The feeling of being part of the crowd is a powerful experience. In traditional sports, this empowering moment is known as "hyeonjang-gam," which can be translated as the "feeling of presence." Despite technological advancements and high-speed internet that allow us to watch sports matches remotely from home, many fans still choose to visit the on-site venue to immerse themselves in the passion, sweat, tears, cheers, and chanting that cannot be fully transmitted through a screen. Some become fans of a sports team after experiencing an engaging moment at the stadium, chanting alongside a group of people. Even in esports, numerous fans have missed spectating digital game matches at physical on-site stadiums during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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